ZenGRC increases audit efficiencies for Beeline while decreasing, time, resources and risk

Learn how Beeline, the world’s largest independent provider of solutions for sourcing and managing contingent labor, increases audit efficiencies while decreasing time, resources and risk. When they were required to begin a SOC audit with 48 hour notice and a completion deadline of two weeks, they were able to move swiftly and lean on ZenGRC for evidence collection and verification, as well as efficient in-platform communication.

“Quite frankly, without ZenGRC in place, this particular SOC audit would have been a nightmare.”
– Emily Betz, Cyber Security Compliance Manager with Beeline

Some of the product benefits they enjoy are:

  • Streamlined audit, risk and compliance processes on a single system
  • Tight audit collaboration with their third-party auditing firm
  • Ability to meet aggressive SOC deadlines with fewer personnel resources
  • Automated vendor questionnaires to reduce third-party risk

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